We are very proud to introduce German precision and excellence in our dental implants

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Naxis Impant Systems are manufactured by Naxis Medical GmbH, as a global player in the dental implant market.  Since its establishment, Naxis has been dedicated to pursuing the development of innovative products for regenerative dentistry with German engineering


With a dedicated R&D team focused on innovation and quality, we provide a broad range of products to meet the needs of dentists and their patients worldwide. 


The dental industry is constantly evolving with innovative treatments and procedures. Naxis manufactures dental implants, instruments, for use in tooth replacement and restoration.


We manufacture with passion for quality and desire to achieve the best patient outcomes.


Naxis has adopted the principle of providing the best service to dentists and our patients together with our service providers. Our highly skilled and motivated team has well experience in business partnering, training and education, and is dedicated to providing global support.



Under the EN/ISO 13485 standard at every stage of implants manufacturing operation we are responsible to ensure the quality. All medical products and devices must meet these strict requirements. Regarding product performance and patient safety, our products comply with the essential requirements defined in the European laws and directives relating to medical devices.

On Quality management   our well-trained staff carry out internal and external audits. We control the quality of our products for product safety and patient comfort with inhouse tests at our own locations with our own equipment.


We are tied to our job with love

We believe in that; ‘’The only way to do great work and achieve good result is to love what you do’’ .By doing this, you can improve yourself and accomplish. 

In order to development, we take in consideration customer’s own perspective

We are trying to evaluate ourselves by looking from the perspective of our customers. By doing this we can understand our mistakes and make it right also we can upgrade our positive and good sides. When we working on our customer requests, we consider their positive and negative assessments about us and we describe that process as a ‘’company development’’.

We generate solutions

Process of production is difficult than assumed. We face with different kinds of problems while working on customer requests. We focus on how to solve question, that’s why we can generate different solutions to production and post purchase services.

We are working systematically and disciplined

Our company believe that idea; If you want to be successful in production or sale area, you need to work disciplined , hang tough , make and stick to the plan, no matter what is your circumstances.

Each order which we receive, we plan every process and we pay strict attention to workers to stick that plan till the end.

We are looking forward to see and meet with you.